Nova Books Nashville

Nova Books Nashville

We’re an author-friendly, music-oriented, subsidized publishing firm based in Nashville. Nova boasts first-time authors such as Shirley Hutchins (“A Place Called Paradise”), and Jack Selover (“Little Known Facts About Country Music”), and those who have published with us previously, a la Arnold Rogers & Jerry Langley (“Many Tears Ago: The Life & Times of Jenny Lou Carson,” and “Number One Country Hits, 1944-2004”) and Ruth White (“The Original Goober” and “Every Highway Out Of Nashville, Vol. 2”).

Nova’s responsibility is to take your manuscript and turn it into professional form (that includes softcover, hardback and/or e-book) by editing content, researching, making necessary suggestions for improvement; selecting the size, paper and font best suited for your particular style; creating an attention-getting color cover; scanning any illustrations or artwork needed; supplying ISBN copyright numbers and barcode (based on the determined unit cost of the book); suggesting promotional ideas and coordinating the production and printing processes throughout.

Prior to placing the first print order, Nova furnishes the author an advance proof to correct possible errors. In a final stage, we present the author with 20 courtesy copies of their finished product with an initial order We also have it entered into the largest global distributor Ingram Books’ catalog periodically, making it available for sale via more than 39,000 outlets worldwide, including such as and Barnes & Nobel.

We pay our authors a royalty rate of 25% of net sales. Nova has no control over the unit price once it’s ordered, so be aware a store buying in bulk, may discount the book, often way below our retail price (sometimes as much as 55%), which reduces royalties paid author and publisher. Although we don’t do publicity per se, we do advertise through Ingram, and our website and fill orders from individuals, retailers, as well as our author’s individual replenishment orders at discount rates (though obviously we do not pay royalties on author orders). Policy dictates furnishing authors a semi-annual statement of sales, along with royalty payments due. This occurs following the June 30th end of the fiscal year; and after the December 31st close of the calendar year cycles, on completion of our accounting process.

This information is included in an author/publisher contract pursuant to an agreement by both parties, before preparing and processing the manuscript. Although we require that an author’s title remain under the Nova banner for a period of five (5) years; thereafter, all rights revert back to the writer, including ISBN copyright numbers we assign. So authors always retain their literary efforts. Once that “leasing” time elapses, the writer can place the title with another publisher or continue to market it independently, whatever best suits their needs. We will still pay royalties on any books sold after that period.

Bill Brough,