About Nova Books Nashville 2

Nova Books Nashville: A publisher specializing in music-oriented books.

What did historically noted writers like Edgar Rice Burroughs, Deepak Chopra, Alexandre Dumas, Benjamin Franklin, Zane Grey, James Joyce, Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Allen Poe, Beatrix Potter, Marcel Proust, Carl Sandburg, Upton Sinclair, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, Virginia Woolf, all have in common? Yes, these legendary authors self-published before becoming a “name” sought after by mainstream publishers.

Do you, too, feel you have the talent to tell a story, but can’t get mainstream publishers to give you that first break? If you’re tired of the big boys shunting you aside, maybe it’s time to explore the potential of independent publishing. We’re fast, economical and reasonable to work with, and that’s to your advantage.

Nova, a Nashville-based publisher specializing in music-oriented books, has earned the confidence of such stalwarts as Duane Allen (Oak Ridge Boys), Chet Atkins, Bill Carlisle, Charlie Daniels, Lloyd Green, Stonewall Jackson, Jean Shepard, Kitty Wells, and Charlie Daniels, all of whom have penned Forewords for Nova newcomers whose talents they’ve applauded. Behind-the-scenes specialists such as Shirley Hutchins, Joyce Jackson, Jerry Langley, Arnold Rogers, Jack Selover and Ruth White were satisfied seeing their creations reach fruition, bearing Nova’s signature seal of approval.

Books should be submitted in digital form when possible, preferably Microsoft Word, as we work primarily with Macintosh and Adobe Acrobat; but knowledgeable staffers may be able to convert different formats to meet our mutual needs for others. Indie publisher Nova operates with a professional production crew, responsible for administration, format, book-design, photo processing, proof reading, copy-editing, informational research, the whole ball of wax while working one-on-one with its writer-authors. We give your title our undivided attention. Orders can be placed in almost any quantity (from single digits to 1,000 or more), saving storage space, and the book will not go out of print while under Nova Books’ banner.

Coming Soon:  Biographies on Conway Twitty, Kitty Wells, and “Nashville After Dark . . .”