Knoxville’s Merry-Go-Round, Ciderville and …

By Ruth White – Foreword by James Perry

The almost forgotten story of East Tennessee’s country music scene, notably Knoxville’s vintage radio shows on WNOX, home to ‘The Mid-Day Merry-Go-‘Round’ and ‘Tennessee Barn Dance,’ featuring legendary radio icon Lowell Blanchard, as well as WROL’s Cas Walker programs, which spawned such stars as Roy Acuff, Archie Campbell, The Carlisle Brothers, Martha Carson, Carl Story, Pee Wee King, Molly O’Day, Carl Smith, Homer & Jethro, Kitty Wells, Johnnie & Jack, Don Gibson, Lois Johnson and Sonny James. Ruth White covers the Bristol era, as well as nearby Ciderville, still going strong under sponsorship of David West. It’s an intriguing 2016 look into the area’s past and present history.


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